Are your eyes redder than usual lately?  Do they feel watery and itchy at times?  

Our doctors have seen a large increase in ocular allergy in Midland TX this fall.  Symptoms range from slight discomfort in contact lenses, to mild discharge with redness, lid swelling, and itching.  A simple eye examination can rule out other things such as bacterial or viral conjunctivitis, or even dry eye syndrome.  It is important to find the right diagnosis in order to recommend the right therapy to help.

There are a few over-the-counter antihistamine drops that can be somewhat effective.  There are prescription drops that our optometrists can prescribe that not only contain antihistamine to stop the itch, but also mast cell stabilizers that decrease histamine release.  Other therapies may be needed, if more than one ocular condition are found upon examination.

Happy Fall!


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