Children's Eye Exam

Starting at six months, children should have their eyes examined regularly. This helps them in every aspect of their lives, and since children can rarely tell you if there's a problem, it's good to stay up to date on their exams. If a child needs corrective lenses and doesn't get them, their ability to participate in school will be diminished dramatically. If you are looking for a caring eye doctor in the Midland, TX area, come see our optometrists at Luke Eye Associates.


When should I bring my child to the eye doctor?

As a newborn, your doctor will check your child's eyes to make sure their pupils react correctly and the blink response is within the acceptable range. As your child ages past six months, your doctor will check for visible problems and proper alignment, as well as repeating the tests that were performed when the child was a newborn. Before the third birthday, your child will be tested to make sure he or she can see at distance and catch any other potential vision problems.

Around preschool age, your eye doctor should test for visual acuity and check for eye misalignment, lazy eye, and astigmatism. The eye doctor may also prescribe glasses if your child turns out to be nearsighted. It's very important to get your child tested as they enter school. Children who have undiagnosed vision problems will often struggle in school academically and may be prone to misbehavior. About every two years from their first preschool exam, your child will need his or her vision monitored and an eye examination.

What does a children's eye exam entail?

As a baby, your doctor will simply examine the eyes and test for reflexive responses. As your child ages, the doctor may map the inside of the eye to look for any abnormalities, and when your child can read a chart, an optometrist can examine them for distance and peripheral vision problems. If need be, the optometrist will prescribe glasses and teach your child how to wear and care for them.

Healthy vision at every age

Just like going to the dentist, eye exams are essential for your child's healthy development. If you're looking for an optometrist in the Midland, TX area, the eye doctors at Luke Eye Associates are here to help at every age. Call us today at (432) 234-1795 to schedule an appointment for a lifetime of clear vision.


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