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The Importance of Optometry Exams

Drs. Joy and Charlie Luke know how important it is for you to have regular eye exams. Luke Eye Associates has years of experience providing comprehensive eye care services to residents of Midland, TX, and the surrounding areas. Here are a few reasons why it is important to come in for regular optometry exams.


Vision Screening Is Not an Eye Exam

A vision screening at the DMV or your child’s school cannot replace an eye exam performed by an optometry professional. Vision screenings are what the name implies – a screening that identifies if a person has an obvious vision problem. Only a trained optometrist can perform the kind of eye exam that ensures your vision is as clear and comfortable as possible. Additionally, only a comprehensive eye exam can detect hidden medical problems should they exist.

The Threat of Myopia

The most common eye condition among school-aged children in America is myopia, better known as nearsightedness. If a child becomes nearsighted early in life, they face a much greater risk of developing threatening eye conditions later in life. An annual eye exam before your child’s first day at school ensures your child will be able to see as well as their classmates.

Ensure Early Detection and Treatment of Serious Eye Conditions

Not only does an eye exam provide you with an up-to-date prescription, but it also offers a chance for your eye doctor to screen for any other potential medical problems. If any medical problems are detected, they will be addressed immediately. Significant health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and even cancer are also screened as a part of our eye care services.

For example, glaucoma has no discernable symptoms during its early stages. Eye care services are especially important when you are over 50, as a routine eye exam can detect risk factors such as high eye pressure associated with glaucoma.

Your Eyes Keep Changing

Vision problems, such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism, require routine check-ups and maintenance. If you wear contacts, your eye doctor will monitor the health of your eyes more closely. Regular eye exams ensure your eyes are functioning properly.

Optometry Services in Midland, TX

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