Family Eye Care

Family Eye Care Services in Midland

At Luke Eye Associates in Midland, we know that every patient has unique needs. That's why we offer a vast range of eye care services for every member of the family. Whether you need a simple routine exam, an updated prescription, or a referral for a specialist, you'll find it all with our optometry team. Our comprehensive services can help improve the eye health and comfort of our patients at any age. 


Routine Eye Exam 

Our vision test uses state of the art refracting systems to determine if prescription lenses are needed and how strong they need to be. Eye functioning tests aim to reveal how accurately your eyes recognize things like depth, color, and whether they respond to light properly. It also takes a look at things like peripheral (side) vision, eye muscle strength, and whether your eyes are moving together correctly. Eye pressure is also tested and can help diagnose eye diseases like glaucoma. These exams ensure that your prescription is up-to-date, reducing unnecessary eye strain and discomfort. By catching conditions early, you can avoid more serious long-term health issues. 

Pediatric Eye Care 

We gladly see pediatric patients. Regular pediatric exams should start around the age of five. Getting regular eye exams not only protects your children's visual health but also ensures that they succeed in school and at home by having the best vision possible. Our optometry team prioritizes patient comfort. That is why we aim to help our patients view going to the eye doctor as a pleasant experience. 

Specialized Eye Care 

Not every patient has the same needs for their visual health, and not every exam is routine. We offer a range of specialized services at our office in Midland. If you have an eye infection or an allergy that affects your eyes, our optometrists can provide quality treatment to ease your discomfort. We also help patients suffering from ocular diseases with our treatment. 

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At Luke Eye Associates, we are dedicated to preserving and improving every patient's eyesight that walks through their doors. Whether you need a new pair of glasses or contacts, our eye doctors can ensure they are right for you. Visit our Midland location for the quality eye care you and your family need. We are all about providing patients with individual attention and personalized eye care to improve their health and well-being. Contact us today to see how we can help.


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